Peeking inside the Technicolor mind of one of Britain’s finest comic talents and you will find him desperately doing battle with “The Voices”, two unpredictable and hilarious Voices in Terry’s Head. Though often a challenge to Terry these two different sides of his ego/conscience often lead him into unpredictable comedy routines. No two shows are ever the same!


Terry is one of the most exciting comedians around regularly performing all over the globe. In the last year alone he has played the Melbourne Australia Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, India and Edinburgh Comedy Festival. Terry has been Perrier nominated in Edinburgh and recently won the 3 Weeks Critics award as well as Best International Act at the New Zealand Comedy Festival. This frequent traveling has meant performing alongside some of comedy's biggest stars. Michael McIntyre has found Terry as a source of inspiration. He has recently worked with Joan Rivers who became an instant fan and Eddie Izzard who proclaimed him to be a ‘very funny comic with a fantastic comedy mind’, but someone who really ought to seek some sort of professional help.


Terry starred in The BBC’s Michael McIntyre Comedy Road Show, SKY One’s The Match 2004, a regular fire fighter in ITV1's London Burning in 2002, and also hosted in his own radio show, ‘Terry's Turnstiles’ on London's Capital  Radio FM.  Terry also hosted the BBC’s National Lottery, ‘Red Alert’, with Lulu for the BBC Joy of Text(BBC1) Winning World Cup Tickets(ITV1) It Shouldn't Be On TV (Sky1) Bleeding Thumbs(BBC2) Game Stars(ITV1).


Other  television appearances have included playing a yardie gangster in ‘Lock, Stock  and Two Smoking Barrels’ (Channel 4), Jeff Wade, a Huntington Disease sufferer in ‘Holby City’ (BBC) The Bill (ITV1) Waking the Dead(BBC1) , ‘Ian Wright's Friday Night's All Wright’  (ITV), ‘Stupid  Punts’ (BBC2), The Stand UP Show (BBC1) The World Stands Up(paramount) World Comedy Tour Australia(paramount) Question  of TV(BBC1) Shoot The Messenger(Paramount) , Saturday Live (ITV),Night Fever  (Channel 5), two series of The Comedy Store (Channel 5) The Lads ITV Jack Dee’s Sunday Service. Bring me the head of light entertainment (CH5). The Harry Hill Show (CH4). The Jonathan Ross Show. Edinburgh or Bust (CH4) Wogan BBC. Des & Mel (ITV). The Wright Stuff (CH5).The Royal Variety Performance (ITV). It Shouldn’t happen to an Awards Presenter (ITV) The Brian Connelly Show.   His film work has included, Black Ball (directed by Mel Smith), Keeping Mum, The Jam, The Bird House, Oblivious, The Flirting Club, and Brahms and Liszt.


Background History

I was born at Rochford Hospital Southend on Sea to Sandy and Brian Alderton. I have a sister Corinna and a Nephew Jack. I lived in Southend for 4 years which explains why I am an Avid SOUTHEND UNITED FAN. We then moved to Halstead in Essex and then onto South Woodham Ferrers near Chelmsford in Essex. I went to two schools while I lived there, Elmwood Juniors School and William De Ferrers Secondary. My Best friend at school was, and still is James Andrews.


After leaving school I wanted to play football as I had been playing for Southend as a youth player. Although I had had offers from QPR and others I wanted to stay at The Shrimper’s which I did until…. They then sent me a letter saying ‘Sorry not very good..’ so I had to get a job. I worked at Ever Ready Batteries in Southend for one week, then Visa in Basildon for six months. This was followed by Bairstow Eves in South Woodham Ferrers for another six months and then up to London for one year working at Fresh Field solicitors in the print room. Whilst I was there I did my first open spot at the age of eighteen at the Joker Comedy Club Southend. The promoter of the gig, Colin Dench, said that I needed to do more gigs. He then informed me that there was a new TV channel starting and they were looking for contestants for a talent show. The channel was Sky and the show was Sky Star Search. The host was Keith Chegwin. I auditioned in the west end’s Dolmar warehouse in my lunch break.


A week later I got a call to ask me to take part in the heat. I traveled up to LWT with my Dad and couldn’t believe it when I won my heat and then returned for the semi final where I won again, this time beating Chesnee Hawkes (I Know!). By now I had left Fresh Fields and London for the east coast and Lowestoft, where I worked as a Holiday Camp entertainer and comedian under the watchful eye of Mark Brewer. Somehow this stood me in good stead for the final of Sky’s Star Search, as I won the whole thing!

I then left the holiday centre and decided to work the London comedy scene.


The re-invention


At the end of 2005 I underwent something of a re-invention. From then on it was new Terry. After an epiphany at the Manchester Comedy Store where I was turning out the same old same old just like so many others I decided on the long drive home that I needed to reinvent myself. In the old show I had been doing I had a routine about not being understood by people of the USA with a broad London accent. The routine had me saying to the barman in a New York bar 'Could I have a medium White wine?'. He replied 'We only do the one size!' I would act as if I were leaving the bar then turn my back on the audience and talk in two different voices: one telling me that I should go back and the other suggesting the same but show some of that bull dog spirit. This would get a laugh but on looking back it was a laugh that I wasn't used to. So could this be it? Long before this I had said to my mother that I would love to do a double act on my own? And here I am today in a trio!


I continued with the same old stuff whilst mentally spiralling out of control. Then one night I didn't care anymore. Now you need to know I am an old school pro and will always do a job to the best of my ability. I was, however, starting to wonder if this was to my own artistic detriment. One night I finally took the risk. I was playing a club gig and for no rhyme nor reason I turned my back fully on the audience (knowing this was a cardinal sin as in theatre you should always face front darling!) I didn't care and proceeded to empty mind using the two voices from the joke with the barman.


These 'voices' now told various truths about the show, the gig, my material, the audience and so on. To be honest I've no idea if it worked or not. All I know is it felt good and fresh; it was the artistic direction I knew I wanted to take. I remember on leaving the stage Ben Norris, a great comic who I respect, was shocked and asked me what I was doing. Slightly ashamed I said that I didn't know. He looked me in the eye and smiled announcing that I had something there but not to be so bitter with it. I could see that he was sincere and realised that for possibly the first time I had a peer praising me for something artistic.


It was all the encouragement I needed for me to continue to explore this path and with a few more twists and turns along the way I have got to where we are now.


The great thing about this whole device for me is I'm still often unsure how to use it and that makes for moments of magic, danger, discomfort and sometimes it misses the mark all together. But the only rule I have when they go off on one is to keep it interesting. I have voices for the voices but I feel this may get too confusing for the audience though we shall see.


Thanks to all those that get what I'm trying to do and I know that one day when the play ground gets bigger and everyone knows in that room where I'm coming from things will really open up.


Welcome to my world.....